A Drop of Thought


The water is dirty, you cannot swim
Public duty to protect life and limb
It rained and therefore we closed the beaches
Keeping people from bacteria's reaches

The water is dirty, don’t drink a drop
It’s contaminated, poisoned, the sign says stop
Human waste, chemical trace, in the water veins
But why, was the cause a lack of brains or no restrain?

The water is dirty, avoid the fish
Mercury and PCBs haunt each dish
Say no to tuna and salmon, but they are so yummy
It’s the “C” word we all fear, and I don’t mean “C”rummy

The water is dirty, so what do we do
Maybe accept it as normal, what’s a little poo
After all we have technology, isn’t that the fix
Invent some gadgety gadget, problems nixed

The water is dirty, it’s time to own it
There is time yet still, we haven’t blown it
You, me, and them each must do our share
The first step is easy, just start to care

Written byAustin Meyermann, Founder and President of Hunter Crown, LLC

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