Be Consumable


Have you ever watched a movie or a TV show and a particular character is just a little tough to tolerate due to a lack of self awareness? Maybe it's the awkward villain or maybe it's just someone who continues to make mistakes despite knowing better. Maybe they are someone who is a little too “put together” and they just get on your nerves. These characters can be hard to consume and they sometimes become the reason we stop watching that show or movie.

It's hard to engage in things we do not like or find irritating, whether it’s eating food you don’t care for, or interacting with a company that rubs you the wrong way (like every cable or phone provider!), or a coworker who is just so different from you that you have little in common and don’t enjoy each other’s company. We do our best to “put on a good face,” but we can’t do that forever.

Like the food we eat, the company we keep needs to be consumable.

This very much relates to the hiring process. Think about how hiring teams at a company decide who they want to add to their team. As a candidate, you need to be consumable for each and every person you meet. While you need to be objective as to whether or not the role is right for you, you also need to be cognizant of the impressions you make.

Be aware that there are times when the excitement of a new opportunity or the need for a job will make people act out of character.

Truthfully, I really do believe you can smell desperation from a mile away. Desperate or aggressive candidates will place multiple calls a day to a recruiter and attempt to force their way into a position that isn’t a fit. My best advice is to stop trying to match yourself to a role or a company that you truly are not a good fit for due to skills or corporate culture. This can be hazardous to your reputation and to your ability to obtain employment in the future.

As a candidate, be consumable, be patient, be likable.

If these are things you feel you are but they aren’t coming across in your interviews, then it’s time to step back and reflect, and maybe take a different approach. Being self-aware is one of the most valuable insights a person can have when searching for their next great opportunity.

Be smart, stay humble.

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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