Dial in the Process


You’re running your business and overall things are going really well. You’ve decided hiring someone would make sense at this time. You then realize it has been a while since you last hired someone, but because the need is high you decide to act fast and contact your recruiter. The recruiter is excited to get the call and would love to help! The recruiter asks for the job description and the “must haves” in this future hire. You provide the recruiter with this information and the process is started. Shortly thereafter, candidates start to flow in. Wow, this is going great so far!

HOWEVER, you start to realize that additional action is needed to get these folks phone screened, interviewed, and seen by your team. You then realize you don’t necessarily have a process for hiring. Up to the phone screen, things were moving along flawlessly, but that is where the process is halted.

Having a process for hiring new employees is invaluable. Make the process as seamless and organized as you can. This process will morph into something great over time, but either way, candidates should move through the hiring stages efficiently. The hiring process should not be a time sink. It should be a value-add to the company AND to the candidates. Whether folks are hired or not they should leave with the feeling that your company knows what they are doing.

Have a process. Make the right hire. Reevaluate and Repeat.

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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