Get In The Game & Stay In The Game


I once had a coach who, for four years, consistently worked at getting me not to “sulk” while on the playing field. I had this habit of really getting down on myself when a stupid mistake was made or when things didn’t pan out exactly how I envisioned them. This was my Achilles heel.

It was hard to remain completely “In The Game” when part of my mind and energy was elsewhere, reliving the past.

We often see this in the hiring process. A search is kicked off with excitement and lots of movement, both on the candidate and client side, and then all of a sudden the search goes stale. Everything slows to a halt.

Things were going so well so why the slowdown in finding the right person for the job?

Is it closing sales, vacation, a lack of feedback, funding?...This list goes on and on. If fact, the point is that there will always be obstacles on the path to success. That is the only guarantee.

Regardless, everyone needs to “Stay In The Game” in order to get the job done. Sure, there will be bumps along the way, but distractions and a lack of effort never got anyone to where they want to be.

In 2019 (and from here on out), remember to fully invest in the process and to “Get In The Game & Stay In The Game.” No sulking allowed!

The best moments come when we’ve committed to finishing what we started and see things through to completion.

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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