How Can We Be Better


For a while now, we at Hunter Crown have been producing content and putting out our messages to the world.

It is our goal to enlighten and enrich the hiring process and the candidate experience.

We seek to make each working relationship better and to make each hire valuable. It is never our aim to short cut how we go about our business or to leave candidates or clients with unanswered questions. So with that being said, we’d like to kick things over to you, our clients, hiring manager(s), and the candidates. Regardless of whether or not you have worked directly with our team, take a moment to tell us your thoughts…

How are we doing and how can we be better?

Take it easy on us of course! And keep in mind we are aiming for constructive feedback and things that we can start using immediately.

Transparency is key in our company and we would like to continue to make ourselves a “value-add” and not an inbox delete.

The goal of this is to assess how we are doing and how we can continue to be better at delivering content that matters.

Thank you in advance for all of your responses!

~Team HC

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