How to Find Your NBJ....(aka Next Better Job)


If I asked you to help me find something that was lost, you would probably ask me what the thing looks like and where should we look? Great questions that are also applicable to how to find your NBJ (Next Better Job). 

Start with “What does it look like?”

Your NBJ will fall into one of two categories, it will either be a progressive role with more responsibility or a change in a career position. With respect to a progressive role, write down all of the possible job titles that would fit with your NBJ. Set up job alert tools for the major job posting aggregators (Indeed, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, Google for Jobs, etc.) based upon the possible titles that you have identified. Also, add any other filters that make sense…..location, compensation, company size, etc. Contrary to logic, it is NOT in your interest to see as many opportunities as possible. Volume is the result of not working hard enough to clearly define the NBJ. You want to see only those roles that are clearly a fit for your NBJ.

Focus on quality. 

For a change in career in the NBJ, invest some of your time in understanding the industry or position that you want to move into. Review your resume and update the language to be consistent with the industry's vernacular. For example, sales people in the insurance industry are called producers. If you want to move into insurance from selling outside the industry, consider how calling yourself a “producer” might catch the attention of a hiring manager. 

Next question: “Where should I look?”

Does your NBJ live in the healthcare industry, tech, or in the public utility space? In order to find what you're looking for, you need to know where to look. Focus your search on job boards, forums, groups, meetups, associations, etc. that are specific to your industry of choice. Become involved and contributory.

It is a lot easier for a recruiter to find you if you make it easy to be found. 

2018 will be another great year for talented people looking for their NBJ. Unemployment is at record lows and companies are desperate for talent. That being said, you still need to do your share of work to lock down your NBJ. Starting tomorrow, answer the questions asked in this article and kick off your search. Your NBJ is out there and is waiting for you!

Written byAustin Meyermann, Founder and President of Hunter Crown, LLC

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