Leave Your Bags Half Packed


A co-worker came into the office today and threw off this zinger. She was speaking about how she and her family basically had one foot out the door on a family vacation when one of their little ones became ill and they had to postpone. Now that the munchkin is better, thankfully, the family is contemplating whether or not to immediately rebook their trip. Spring break has come and gone, but there is still that urge to be together and take some much needed R&R.

This reminded me of candidates and the value in always exploring what else might be out there.

I’m not saying to relinquish your focus or let your current work suffer. What I am saying is “leave your bags half packed” as you never know what opportunity is around the corner.

It's wise to be open to new roles and responsibilities and to also test your market value in order to stay on top of what you can offer.

  • Are you bored in your day-to-day?

  • Do you feel as though you have more to offer but your skills are undervalued?

  • Have you made the folks around you aware of your ambitions?

  • Is the journey you are currently on in line with your vision?

Vacations, unlike changes in employment, are impermanent. I know we sometimes wish we could stay away forever, but rest assured the excitement still awaits when you return.

Changing jobs is much more permanent. You can turn around and go home from a vacation, but you can't easily turn around and go home from a new job. Whatever it is you explore, make sure you vet it thoroughly.

We, at Hunter Crown, are excited for all of you who do take the time to explore, personally or professionally.

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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