Let Them Know You’re Working


“Waiting and Ready”


“Available for New Opportunities”

“Employed at your LAST NAME Enterprises” 

We see this all the time. Is there anything wrong with searching for new roles or working for yourself?

No, not really, but one could argue both ways on this topic. An entrepreneurial spirit is often rewarded in our society. If things work out, there's very little that compares to successfully working for yourself or running your own shop. That being said, you want hiring companies and potential customers to know you are out there “DOING IT.”

The titles in quotes above can reek of desperation. They can tell certain people that you are not worth pursuing or that you may not be the value-add that you are trying to portray. You want to present a strong, organized front. You want to let others know you are the one to get if they can get you. Be desirable. Be confident. Share your success, let them know you’re working, and be the candidate or client everyone wants to work with. It’s simply good business.

**There is one KEY caveat to this situation.**

If you’re out there crushing it or you’re on hiatus and are fully confident in your skills and ability to make it happen, then completely ignore this message. You are unique in that not much can affect your success. Your ability to get it done is unmatched and we commend you for reaching that level.

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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