Leverage Your LinkedIn Profile


Some would say that LinkedIn aims to make the resume obsolete. We say your LinkedIn profile is another chance to sell yourself to the world. Cover all of your bases by making your profile your “24/7 resume.” Having an up to date LinkedIn profile gives employers an all access pass to what makes you an attractive candidate.

Make sure your profile is current in terms of the position you hold and that it details previous positions held. Details about your positions make your profile easier to find by recruiters with relevant opportunities. Recently made a change to a new opportunity? Update your Linkedin profile. If you don’t, you are missing an opportunity to show everyone the progress you’ve made and the skills you’ve developed.

A nice “clean and crisp” profile photo also does wonders in terms of creating a first impression, and given that you LinkedIn profile is NOT your resume, a photo can be used to your advantage.

That being said, we believe in keeping your profile professional if you are seeking a new role. While everyone loves to see folks in their natural element, it can be harder to imagine you in a specific work environment without a professional photo. Further, we would argue that no photo is better than one which may stereotype you into the wrong light. If highlighting your personality is important to you, perhaps getting personal in the text portion of your LinkedIn profile would be a good strategy. Lastly, don’t be afraid to ask for endorsements or recommendations from your colleagues.

Put your LinkedIn to work and let it advertise for your candidacy in case your next great opportunity becomes available.

There's no such thing as too much detail on LinkedIn, just make sure you are accurately describing the content of your work.

As we navigate the digital landscape take every opportunity to help the job of your dreams to find you. Share your profile and continue to connect as you’ll find new and exciting opportunities are just around the corner!

Written byRob Scherer, Senior Search Consultant at Hunter Crown, LLC

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