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In today’s world, everyone seems to expect things right away, as in really fast! We want our internet connection to operate at “ludicrous speed” and our responses to email to come ASAP!

Why should hiring someone be any different?

I know what you are thinking. You can’t just hire the first person you meet without figuring out whether or not they are the right person for the job. That’s a good point. But what if that person accepts another offer while you're still attempting to vet other people? In fact, what if every person you interview accepts other offers before you can bring them in for second interviews? Trust me, this happens more than you might think. What is worse: hiring the wrong person or not hiring at all? I don’t believe there is a single “right” answer to this question.

The goal should be to find the right balance of hiring quickly, but also hiring for quality.

Before starting down the path of adding a new team member, the hiring manager should determine at which speed they can operate. Most folks who are looking for their next role are entertaining multiple positions. That’s to their advantage, not the company that’s hiring. Hiring managers who can move quickly and efficiently can change the outcome.

We, as a search firm, often find that the best strategy is weekly touchpoints with a candidate throughout the entire hiring process. This keeps everyone engaged and excited about the next step. This also dampens the potential for candidates exiting the hiring process prematurely.

Also, get as much information upfront regarding the potential employee. Are they considering other roles and, if so, what stage of the process are they in? Does the candidate have a specific start date for the new role?

If two parties are pursuing the same candidate, only one can employ the new hire. Don’t let speed-to-hire be the reason a quality candidate falls through the cracks.

Make quality hires, but make them quickly.

Speed-to-hire is extremely important in today’s world, this cannot be understated.

Written by:  Rob Scherer, Senior Search Consultant at Hunter Crown, LLC

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