New Year, New Efficiency

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The saying goes, “New Year, New You,” right?

Well, how about new year, less headaches and better performance?

I feel like I’m beginning to write a motivational fitness article here. :)

The aim is to be motivational, yes, but the fitness I’m referring to is that of your company, your team, and the new members that join your organization. You may not be able to hit the reset button like you sometimes can with your personal health and fitness goals, but you can make changes to things like your hiring process, onboarding system, and working relationship with your recruiter.

We aren’t calling for a revolution, more of an evolution. We do want you making it past the month of January after all! Like in life and health, if you bite off too much too quickly it can be overwhelming.

So why not start with incremental change?

Set hiring goals for the year early and start by prioritizing the highest needs within the company. Do you need a new Business Development person, a Sales gal/guy? What about a super talented Application Engineer that would make everyone’s lives better?

Add efficiency to your company by starting off the New Year with a refreshed process. Be diligent in planning for the future and execute the tasks at hand. Hiring should never be an afterthought if certain roles were filled and they could change the reality of the company. As another saying goes, “The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.” A New Year does mean a New You, but it also means a better team and thereby a better company.

Let’s get after it!

Written byRob Scherer, Vice President at Hunter Crown, LLC

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