The Multiple Offer Shuffle


You’ve interviewed with two companies and you really like both of them. Your gut feeling proves correct and you receive offers from both! This is an ideal situation to be in as a candidate. You’ve done your job with respect to finding your next great opportunity. Congratulations!

As for the company making an offer, this situation can make things tough. One, you might not know of these other offer(s). Two, you may or may not be competitive with your offer. Three, your offer may be sent to the candidate just a hair too late for proper consideration. Think about it, rarely do two different offers from two different companies come on the same day. From a timing standpoint, this could mean that one offer is given preference versus the other.

What should be the strategy, both for the candidate and hiring company, in terms of next steps?

On the candidate side, take the time to best qualify each opportunity in relation to your future. Which is the better cultural fit? Which is the better opportunity in long term/short term? Financially, which role makes more sense? Travel and time commitments also come into play. As a candidate, you should be fair, quick, and transparent when handling multiple offers. Make a decision, let all parties know, and stand firm.

As a company in this economy, you should present the highest and best offer first. Be swift in your negotiations, but also continue to provide the sense of a welcoming environment. Allow ample time for the offer to be considered and be in direct communication with the candidate to answer any questions and to stay close to the situation. Whatever is decided on the candidate side, remain supportive of the decision and move forward in pursuing the next best fit. Reputation matters and every candidate you touch leaves with an impression of your employer brand.

A hiring situation with multiple offers is a dream for a candidate but can be stressful for hiring companies. The main goal should be to match the best candidate with the best opportunity. Neither side should forget this mission.

Written byRob Scherer, Senior Search Consultant at Hunter Crown, LLC

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