What Is a Recruiter’s Value


We don’t often get asked directly about what we're bringing to the party when we engage a new client. One reason might be that certain clients are referred, but another might be the simple need for high quality candidates NOW.

For good reason, there seems to be an understanding that we, at Hunter Crown, have proper knowledge in the space and can execute the task at hand. That being said, filling a position with the right talent requires quite a bit that is outside the recruiter’s and hiring company’s control.

Many things need to fall in place for a position to be offered and accepted, and to work out in the long term for both parties.

As recruiters with industry experience and notable success, we find that helping to manage expectations is sometimes our biggest asset. Certain searches take a lot of time to fill, while others are relatively quick. The one thing we’d like to convey is that we seek to find the most qualified person for each position as quickly as we can, and we implement our proven strategies to do so.

So what is a recruiter’s real value then? What would we describe as our greatest attribute(s)?

The previously mentioned “expertise” in the space is held by others too, but the ability to source quality talent, coupled with the ability to generate rapid interest in the role, is a honed skill set. We aim to take away the difficulty in finding the right person.

Our goal is to give YOU, the client, a difficult decision of choosing between two highly qualified candidates who would both be great in the position. This is the ideal situation for our clients. At this point, we know we've done our job well.

Written byRob Scherer, Senior Search Consultant at Hunter Crown, LLC

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