Wonder Women of Water 2018: Gillan Taddune

Congratulations to Gillan Taddune!


Gillan Taddune is the CEO of Banyan Water, the leading provider of data-driven water conservation for the built environment. She believes that technology solutions are the most effective way to address critical natural resource issues and has dedicated her career to realizing that vision.  

Here are some things her nominator shared about her:

Gillan leads our team with tenacity and courage, always challenging the status quo of a historically male dominated industry - commercial real estate. Gillan has led Banyan to save over 2.6 Billion gallons of water to date and continues to find innovative ways to reduce the water demand of the buildings around the country.

Through this nomination, we learned that Gillan has helped Banyan grow from an irrigation service provider for Texas multifamily properties to a national, and now global leader, of technology in the water space. In order to achieve this, she has constantly looked beyond the obvious, challenged norms, and sought collaborative partnerships with diverse organizations. Banyan now works with some of the world's largest technology companies, higher education, utilities, industry groups, and REIT's, to powerfully improve water consumption visibility while continually reducing resource demand.

Gillan continues to show dedication to achieving impactful results in her field because she takes wins in stride while continually focusing on the next step. With Gillan's insatiable hunger to achieve more, she has established herself as a true thought leader in the world of renewables and water efficiency.

This year, Gillan and Banyan Water were recognized by the Environmental Leader for outstanding product and leadership in the field of sustainability. 

For more information about Banyan Water and Gillan's background, click here.

The Wonder Women of Water is a recognition initiative focused on the contributions made by women to the water and wastewater industry.

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